About Pop Brochure Holders

Getting your brochures, business cards, or gift cards into a customer’s hands is crucial. Our products are designed to fit into the aesthetics of any business. From wall mounted to countertop, our holders can be positioned practically anywhere.

Once customers are able to see your material clearly, they will start picking it up and reading it. Having your material noticed is the first step to moving customers forward in the purchasing process.

We take pride in the products we manufacture, using our very own high quality moulds, efficient automated machines, and professional oversight. We are proud to have recently moved the entirety of our operations back to North America! Our manufacturing facilities are located in Canada and the United States, allowing for even greater quality, support, and product customization.

You can buy with confidence knowing only the best products leave our facility, and we see every order through from production to delivery! We’re proud to serve the following industries: banking and financial services, big box retailers, charities, education, health care, real estate, restaurants, hotels, tourism, trade shows, and more.

Our Clients

Over our many years of operation, we have had the opportunity to serve the needs of some of the world’s largest companies. These organizations have counted on us to provide a consistent product, high volumes, and fast delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are your brochure holders made of?

Our products are made of crystal polystyrene, which is an injection moulded part made from clear, high-impact plastic.  Injection moulded parts have a stronger structural integrity.

2) Are your products in stock?

We’re a manufacturer, so we stock over 10,000 of all items at any one time.  If it’s not in stock, we can promise a 10 day turnaround at the latest.

3) Do you actually make the product?

Yes, there’s only a handful of companies in North America that create brochure holders, and we’ve been supplying the market for decades.