C8 Combo 1 w/ PD – Countertop Model Double Pocket Tri-Fold Brochure Holder w/ Business Card Holder


The Countertop Model Double Pocket Tri-fold Brochure Holder w/ Business Card Holder becomes a custom display utilizing add-on parts.  This is a cost effective manner of displaying two tri-fold brochures side by side with the added feature of a business card, gift card, or coupon card.

Bulk Product Offers
6 49 5.55 CAD Fixed Price
50 99 5.35 CAD Fixed Price
100 249 5.2 CAD Fixed Price
250 499 5.05 CAD Fixed Price
500 999 4.8 CAD Fixed Price
1000 10000 4.6 CAD Fixed Price

Additional information

Weight 19 oz

9 3/8'' wide x 9 1/2'' high x 4 1/2'' deep

Tri-fold pocket size:

4 1/2'' wide x 9 1/2'' high x 1 1/2'' deep

Card pocket size:

3 3/4'' wide x 7/8'' deep

Suggested Application:

Suited for brochures up to 4 1/2'' wide with business card or gift card pockets.

Ideal For:

The Six Pocket Three Tier Tri-fold Brochure Holder w/ Business Card Holder will display two different or similar tri-fold brochures or printed cards up to 4 1/2'' wide. Frequently, customers will choose a business card or gift card. The side by side display will highlight your brochures and double the exposure in one convenient holder.

Product Code:

C8 Combo 1 with PD


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