3C8 w/ PD – Six Pocket Three Tier Tri-Fold Brochure Holder


The Six Pocket Three Tier Tri-fold Brochure Holder is a customizable three tier brochure holders with three 8 ½” pockets for display on a counter top or for a wall-mounted application  Using the provided pocket dividers, create a custom six pocket tri-fold holder for literature up to 4 ½” wide.  Removal of one or more of the pocket dividers allows you to customize this unit to suit your specific needs.

Bulk Product Offers
2 49 13.99 CAD Fixed Price
50 99 13.4 CAD Fixed Price
100 249 12.8 CAD Fixed Price
250 499 12.25 CAD Fixed Price
500 999 11.75 CAD Fixed Price
1000 10000 11.65 CAD Fixed Price

Additional information

Weight 34 oz

9 1/4'' wide x 12 3/4'' high x 8 1/2'' deep

Full sheet pocket size:

9'' wide x 1 1/2'' deep

Tri-fold pocket size:

4 3/8'' wide x 1 1/2'' deep

Suggested Application:

Customize this display for 8 ½” x 11” full page materials or a combination of tri-fold material up to 4 ½” side. This unit can be displayed on a counter top or wall mounted to a variety of substrates with our wide range of accessories.

Ideal For:

Convenience stores, post offices, pharmacies, trade shows, libraries, institutions, lobbies.

Product Code:

38C with PD

Add ons:

Take this display to the next level by adding one or two Wall Mount Business Card Holders (WBC) to the front of this unit. Two Add A Pocket Clips (APC) are required for each Business Card Holder.


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