W8 Combo 1 w/ PD – Wall Mount Double Pocket Tri-fold Brochure Holder w/ Business Card Holder


The Wall Mount Double Pocket Tri-fold Brochure Holder with Business Card Holder¬†can hold literature up to 4 1/2” wide.¬† You decide what side of the display to attach your business card, gift card, or coupon card holder: left or right.

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Additional information

Weight 18 oz

9 1/4'' wide x 1 3/4'' deep x 10'' high

Tri-fold pocket size:

4 1/2'' wide x 9 3/4'' high x 1 1/2'' deep

Suggested Application:

Display two different brochures if desired. A business card or gift card is ideally displayed for ease of distribution.

Ideal For:

Real estate, retail, convention centers, Chamber of Commerce, hotel lobbies and kiosk walls.

Product Code:

W8 Combo 1 with PD


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