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Why is Buying Direct From the Manufacturer Important?

Wall Mount Brochure Holders

While there are a number of sites that you could purchase brochure holders from, it is important to know the advantage of purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Here are a few advantages of getting your display holders from the manufacturer itself.


By purchasing directly from the manufacturer allows for greater customization of the product. There is a wide range of ways that a holder can be customized; the number of pockets, tiers, how it is mounted, and the size. By going to the manufacturer you can have the size altered to match the literature you want to display and ensure that it will fit and look as best as possible. Also, you are able to add a logo onto the holder itself. This can give your business environment consistency and have your brand always in the customer’s eye.


If you purchase your holders through a distributor it adds a chain in the contact process. After receiving any concerns or questions you have, they will need to contact the manufacturer before they can help you. By contacting the manufacturer, the customer service representative is at the facility and can have an answer for you as quickly as possible. This also means the customer service staff you speak to will have better knowledge of the product, as they are familiar with the process and specifications.


Because the manufacturer does not need to ship the product to a distributor, the products are available for purchase immediately after they are completed. Some distributors only carry part of a product line as well, meaning you will have limited availability and options. Your needs can be better fulfilled with a manufacturer as you can match the list of your needs with the products available.

As a manufacturer of brochure holders for 25 years, Direct Brochure Holders knows the quality of the products it produces and delivers. We offer a wide range of product lines with knowledgable customer service. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can customize it for you. If you have any question about our manufacturing facility or our process, contact us at 1-888-852-4320.