Why Pop Brochure Holders?

Quality & Pricing: By purchasing direct from the manufacturer here in North America, you save money! No need to worry about a distributor’s mark-up.

Locally Based: We’ve always been based out of Canada and the United States, but we have recently brought all our manufacturing back to Pacific Northwest!  Buy with confidence knowing your products were crafted in British Columbia and Washington.

Technical Support: Since we manufacture our own products, we have more knowledge and experience than a distributor.

Product Knowledge & Customization: Our staff have expert knowledge on our products and their features. Need a customized product that fits your specific requirements?  If we don’t have it, we’ll help you find it.

Accessories: With a full line of accessories available for our products, you can enhance the value and impact of your display.

Product Availability: Buying direct gives you full access to our entire product range.  A distributor usually only carries part of the product line, which might not have the product you need.

Latest Updates: Since we manufacture our own products, our holders are up-to-date with improved features.

Accountability: We have decades of experience working with our clients.  When you purchase direct, you are ensured a more stable relationship.

Customer Service: Need to get in contact with us?  You’ll hear back from a real person who understands our products.

Responsibility: Since we’re responsible for orders all the way from production to delivery, we have a personal investment in making sure our customers are satisfied.