Why Pop Brochure Holders?

Quality & Pricing: By purchasing direct from the manufacturer, you save money! No need to worry about a distributor’s mark-up.

Product Knowledge: Our staff have expert knowledge on our products and their features.

Technical Support: Since we manufacture our own products, we have more knowledge and experience than a distributor.

Product Customization: Need a customized product that fits your specific requirements?  If we don’t have it, we’ll help you find it.

Accessories: With a full line of accessories available for our products, you can enhance the value and impact of your display.

Product Availability: Buying direct gives you full access to our entire product range.  A distributor usually only carries part of the product line, which might not have the product you need.

Latest Updates: Since we manufacture our own products, our holders are up-to-date with improved features.

Accountability: We have decades of experience working with our clients.  When you purchase direct, you are ensured a more stable relationship.

Customer Service: Need to get in contact with us?  You’ll hear back from a real person who understands our products.

Responsibility: Since we’re responsible for orders all the way from production to delivery, we have a personal investment in making sure our customers are satisfied.